110 Series

The value of the 110 Series makes it the foundation of the Steelcase Premium line.

555 Series

The 555 Series delivers the same quality and durability of the 110 Series with the added bonus of a boxed end marker tray. And since schools love the 555 Series, it offers a line of tack boards, too.

Denska Series

The Denska™ Series’ design and range of size is ideal for medium to large collaborative office and classroom settings.

Groupwork Mobile Easel

The Groupwork mobile easel is a great way to add a whiteboard to any space with a mobile design and a simple way to divide space.

Groupwork Screens

Groupwork screens are lightweight and mobile; use them to support a presentation or as a privacy divider.


Lightweight and portable, Huddleboard lets you have display surfaces always at your fingertips.