Akira is a user-friendly, multipurpose table for active spaces.


Ballet by Coalese: perfect for training room, higher education, and any place people meet.

Campfire Big Table

Big Table Informal and inviting, Campfire Big Table can be whatever you need it to be: a meeting place, workstations for four people, lots of storage and work surface. The Big Table is as inviting as your kitchen table, but…

Campfire Paper Table

The Campfire Paper Table features a wood grain base with round rotating top to allow easy sharing of ideas.

Campfire Personal Table

Campfire Personal Table is for those times when you don’t want your laptop on your lap, but you still want to work where you feel like it.

Enea Lottus Tables

Graceful simplicity

Enea Tables

Enea’s extensive product offering includes solutions for classrooms and cafeterias, hospitality and guest side seating.

Groupwork Tables

Groupwork Tables offer a variety of worksurface shapes and sizes.


media:scape with HD videoconferencing boosts collaboration across the table and connects teams across the globe.


The Reunion table collection shares a common sophisticated aesthetic.

Runner Table

The Runner table line is rich in features to make work more manageable without compromising appearance.


ScapeSeries is a table which features power at the worksurface, allowing users to power mobile devices.


Have it your way with Train by Coalesse. Your options are endless with finishes, shapes, wire management and configuration.

Universal Worksurfaces

Increase your design options with our most versatile worksurface system.