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ēno Interactive Whiteboard – eno classic

ēno Interactive Whiteboard

ēno combines an interactive board, a high-performance dry erase board, and a magnetic surface into a single solution.

Groupwork Mobile Easel –

Groupwork Mobile Easel

The Groupwork mobile easel is a great way to add a whiteboard to any space with a mobile design and a simple way to divide space.

Groupwork Screens –

Groupwork Screens

Groupwork screens are lightweight and mobile; use them to support a presentation or as a privacy divider.

Cable Management

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Cable Rings – Cable rings by Details

Cable Rings

The Cable Ring allows multi-position options for managing and organizing technology cables on Slatwall or Slatrail

Cableway : Cableway on Details Adjustables Tables


Helps manage cables and power at worksurface height for a clean aesthetic

Vertical Cable Manager – Vertical Cable Manager

Vertical Cable Manager

The Vertical Cable Manager helps manage cords and guides them from under the worksurface to the floor.

Computer Support

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CPU Holders –

CPU Holders

A support to get the CPU off your desk and in a less obtrusive location.

Keyboard Supports – Keyboard Supports

Keyboard Supports

Platform assemblies suited for a variety of workstation applications including corners

Organizational Worktools

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Emu Heaven Vases –

Emu Heaven Vases

An allure of sensual elegance comprise the refined collection of Emu Heaven from Coalesse.

Emu Re-Trouve Vases –

Emu Re-Trouve Vases

The Emu Re-Trouve collection from Coalesse is inspired by the nostalgic design from the fifties with modern production.


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Victor2 –


Beautiful recycling options, available in both wood veneer and laminate.

Sound Masking

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Confidante – Confidante privacy product


Confidante is a patented and proven in-ceiling distributed audio system that delivers sound masking and workplace comfort.

Qt PRO – QT Pro


Qt PRO is a sound masking system engineered to provide exceptional sound masking in today’s changing workplace.