Duo™ Tall Storage

Duo Tall Storage is an integrated storage solution, which can also facilitate collaborative work.

New research reveals that companies’ entrepreneurial and strategic actions are largely driven by pairs of people.  And, that working in pairs is key to better learning, improved negotiation and decision making, and most importantly – innovation.

Duo Storage products allow you to harness that innovation by redefining the individual workspace.

Allowing for seamless transitions from individual to group work, Duo recognizes and leverages the unique power of dyadic work.


Applied at seated height, Duo Tall Storage provides quick and easy access to often-used materials, and gives seated privacy to the individual in their homebase.  Designed to readily support standing collaborative work, Duo establishes a natural ‘perching’ area for guests entering or approaching the workspace.

Applied in conjunction with Post and Beam, Duo Tall Storage creates a library-like configuration allowing for ample storage and information display.

  • Primary case interior provides storage of binders, books, Details Containers and Worktools; surface top and interior can also serve as a piling surface
  • Case interior ledge provides storage for small user support items (e.g. coffee cup, office supplies, etc.)
  • Painted steel interior divider provides a surface for posting often referenced information using magnets (quicklists, reminders, photos, etc.) Available in individual and shared versions


Works with Answer, Kick and Montage panels, and with Post and Beam.

Created specifically to provide an integrated storage solution as well as facilitate collaborative work, the Duo Storage portfolio of products also includes Duo Slim Storage and Duo Overhead Storage.


Environmental Story


  • level™ 1 certified to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard. According to BIFMA, the level™ conformance mark ensures a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of the environmental and social impacts of a product’s manufacture. level makes it easy to identify products that have been evaluated against a consensus-based, multi-attribute sustainability standard.
  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified for indoor air quality. The program tests and certifies products for compliance with USGBC LEED EQ4.5 (furniture and seating).