Ellipse is a system that offers the flexibility of freestanding furniture, with the performance you expect from a complete office system.


Ellipse.  A simple solution, for a diverse set of needs.
Ellipse provides a comprehensive freestanding office solution with built-in flexibility. Desks can be used alone, or linked to create a variety of configurations. Technology is routed directly to the user with integrated wire and cable management.

Learning Environments
Ellipse works perfectly in corporate training rooms and educational classrooms, where the need for both technology and functionality are increasingly important.

  • Side-by-side connections, ninety-degree connections, and junction tops create a complete range of classroom configurations from linear to U-shaped.
  • Worksurface heights can be adjusted to create a tiered set of worksurfaces, without a tiered floor.
  • Height-adjustable worksurfaces support individual needs, and accomodate team collaboration.

Private Office Environments
Ellipse accommodates individual, as well as shared, private offices.

  • Ellipse overhead storage connects directly to the worksurface, allowing for unique applications and simple reconfigurations.
  • Establish aesthetic continuity across open plan and private office applications, with sixteen natural wood veneer choices.

Open Plan Environments
Ellipse is easily reconfigured without disrupting surrounding workstations.

  • Flexible workstation design means that spaces can be configured to suit individual needs.
  • Ninety-degree connections create unique out-of-corner applications.
  • Crank height-adjustable worksurfaces provide convenient, ergonomic adjustability.
  • Internode modular power connections are readily accessible and provide an access point for technology.



Environmental Story


  • Made of 29 – 59% recycled content, with up to 10% post-consumer content
  • Up to 99% recyclable
  • Manufactured using water-based adhesives, and powder-coated finishes that are nearly VOC-free
  • Wood surfaces use water-based finishes and top coats and are produced in Steelcase’s LEED-certified manufacturing facility
  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Indoor Air Quality Certified. The program tests and certifies products for compliance with USGBC LEED EQ4.5 (furniture and seating).