Graceful simplicity

Spain 2010 / Lievore Altherr Molina 

Enea Lottus, designed by the Barcelona-based design trio Lievore Altherr Molina, offers a full range of options from chairs to stools to tables. The collection is suitable for many applications including meeting spaces, cafeterias, and more. It brings a simple and clean design aesthetic to live/work settings. Competitively priced, versatile, and user-friendly, Enea Lottus offers increased opportunities for the creation of work settings that are both casual and collaborative. 

Starting List Price $317 

  • Frames are available in silver metallic, black gloss, white gloss, brown and red paint colors
  • Side chairs are stackable up to 10; stacks 6 high for models with arms
  • Come in a variety of surface materials, including plastic shell with options of plastic or upholstered inserts
  • 10 plastic color options available

 For more information, visit coalesse.com.


    • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified for indoor air quality. The program tests and certifies products for compliance with USGBC LEED EQ4.5 (furniture and seating). 
    • level™ 1 certified. According to BIFMA, the level™ conformance mark ensures a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of the environmental and social impacts of a product’s manufacture. level makes it easy to identify products that have been evaluated against a consensus-based, multi-attribute sustainability standard. 

    View Enea Lottus’ Product Environmental Profile.