eno mini

ēno mini is the mobile companion to the ēno interactive whiteboard

Using the same revolutionary Bluetooth®-enabled stylus, teachers and students can effortlessly collaborate by simultaneously using up to three styluses on ēno mini slates and ēno interactive whiteboards. Even without an interactive whiteboard, ēno mini can transform any room with a projector and computer into a dynamic and interactive learning environment.


  • Multi-user input—all ēno mini slates, ēno interactive whiteboards enable up to three users to interact at the exact same time. Two ēno minis, one ēno board or whatever the combination, teachers and students can bring learning to life together.
  • Durable—rugged grip surface is virtually indestructible and can withstand the rigors of any environment
  • Dependable—slate has no battery to charge and no electronics to fail
  • Ergonomic design—comfortable to hold and lightweight
  • Antimicrobial product protection—prevents bacteria and fungal growth on the surface of the product
  • Convenient storage—attaches magnetically to any steel surface including most markerboards and chalkboards
  • Environmentally friendly—ēno mini adheres to stringent environmental certifications, is made of recycled materials and does not draw from power outlets. Installation in a new or existing classroom is reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Low total cost of ownership—share the stylus with an ēno interactive whiteboard. And, identical user interface between ēno mini and ēno interactive whiteboard also minimizes training expense.
  • Forever Warranty™—durable and long-lasting ceramicsteel surface that lasts a lifetime


Environmental Story


  • MBDC Cradle to Cradle™ Silver Certified. The U.S. Green Building Council has recognized the importance of Cradle to Cradle design protocol by awarding LEED points based on the use of C2C certified products.
  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ certified for indoor air quality. The program tests and certifies products for compliance with USGBC LEED EQ4.5 (furniture and seating). 
  • Qualification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) credits
  • Forever Warranty™ on the surface guarantees the boards will last as long as the building
  • Recycled content and are completely recyclable