media:scape mobile allows users to collaborate in a diverse range of settings.

What if you could remove the barriers to innovation?  Click here to learn how media:scape can be used to foster collaboration and increase innovation.

Available Summer 2012

media:scape mobile is a new addition to the media:scape family, bringing collaboration wherever you need it. The mobile unit allows users to apply media:scape in a diverse range of settings, wherever collaboration might occur.

media:scape mobile transports media:scape into more active environments, while extending the media:scape design
and experience.

  • allows up to four people to interact with the PUCKs
  • integrates with a single monitor
  • option to host HD videoconferencing hardware
  • easily moveable for dynamic spaces
  • facilities height adjustable

As a family of products, media:scape brings together people, space, and information to boost collaboration and help teams excel. media:scape augments how teams collaborate, allowing participants to access and share their digital information equally, quickly, and seamlessly.

How it works

media:scape was designed for a “walk-up and connect” experience. Open. Connect. Share.

Open the media well and remove a Puck™
Connect the Puck to your laptop
Share what’s on your laptop by pressing the Puck™

Your team members can do the same. Sharing made simple, quick and seamless … to increase productivity and innovation.