Modular Power

Modular Power is simple to install, easy to reconfigure.

Modular Power is designed and proven to support high-performance work environments with readily adaptable power from the electrical closet to each and every user. 

Its modular components offer you the freedom to create the right power solutions for today and for the future. With components that can be reused again and again, you can rest assured that you won’t be paying for new solutions any time soon.

Modular components, with built-in logic, arrive ready for installation.

Power without complications 

  • Reduces installation time by 50-75%.
  • Components can be snapped apart and reconfigured, so moves adds and changes are uncomplicated – which means fewer disruptions for the user and less downtime for the business.
  • Provides a seamless, quick-connect solution from the circuit breaker panel to the user.
  • Modular Power is rated for air handling spaces, so it’s code compliant for raised floors and suspended ceilings that supply conditioned air.