Tools for today’s mobile worker.

Workers today are more mobile than ever. Moving from space to space, stopping wherever work takes them—for a moment, hours or longer. We studied the ways people move about their workday. How they struggled to identify spots to work. Places to plug in. And areas to put their bags, tools and mobile technology. SOTO II Worktools, and a better way to stay mobile and productive, are the result.


Available SOTO™ II Worktools:


Functional Screen

  •  Combines organization, bounty and privacy
  •  Integrated opening provides area to keep frequently used documents, books or other materials
  •  Installs easily without tools on any standard worksurface with thumb screw
  •  Felt liner inside bottom of opening dampens noise when materials are dropped in
  •  Field changeable from right to left facing
  •  Can be mounted anywhere along worksurface including edge

Mobile Caddy

  •  Anticipates users needs with a place to stow their personal items and work bag.
  •  Allows for quick and easy packing and unpacking
  •  In-line casters for ease of pulling out and pushing under worksurface
  •  Allows sense of boundary when at a shared bench
  •  Personal Pocket can be used to help keep smaller bags upright when stowed or on the outside of the unit to store paper materials
  •  SOTO Tool Box, Utility Box and Storage Box Set of 3 fit into top portion of Caddy

Personal Pocket

  •  Provides a place to store papers, files or other frequently used materials
  •  Freestanding as a single unit or ganged in multiples to create a desktop organizer
  •  A single Pocket will attach easily to the Mobile Caddy in a variety of places – either side top of Caddy and either side of bag area
  •  A single Pocket will attach easily to the Functional Screen on users side
  •  Open ends accommodate materials of various sizes
  •  Holds up to 10 lbs of material

Launch Pad 

  •   May be clamped on any standard worksurface edge with a thickness of ½” to 1½”
  •  Clamp depth 2½” (standard worksurface edge)Powered Version
  •  Three outlets on each side (one for large plugs)
  •  9 ft power cord with cable management clips
  •  Power cord comes out from underside

Personal Hook

  • Attaches simply to the edge of a worksurface providing a place to put lightweight bags, umbrella, headphones or keys where they are handy and kept off the floor or worksurface
  • May be clamped on any worksurface edge with a thickness of 3/4″ – 1-1/4″

Cable Clip

  • Technology, power and charging cables remain in place on top of the worksurface
  • May be clamped on any worksurface edge with a thickness of 3/4″ – 1-1/4″