Meet at the next level

USA 2010 / Scott Wilson & MINIMAL 

SW_1 is a comprehensive conferencing collection for the creative class. Designed by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, it is a clear alternative to the generic conference room, and created to enhance social connectivity, help foster collaboration, and provide participants the freedom to change postures and positions while remaining entirely engaged in their meetings. SW_1 is lounge-inspired conference furniture that features a lowered-height table with a conference lounge chair creating a hybrid collaborative space that’s part conference/part lounge. The remaining elements in the line: standard and occasional height tables, low-and high-back lounges, and conference height chairs, support all of the settings that are utilized during the knowledge creation process (i.e. socialization, learning, collaboration, and focused activities). To complement the SW¬≠_1 collection is the all-new Power Pod, is a design-conscious, portable power source and accessory tray all in one. 

  • Occasional tables, work tables and standard and low conference tables
  • Available in Coalesse’ full palette of laminates, wood veneers, glass, and white corian 

For more information, visit coalesse.com.