by Turnstone

Smart simplicity — Tour is easy to specify, install and rearrange.

Designed by Kirt Martin to provide a unique and simple solution that allows individuals to personally adapt their space to meet their changing needs.

Not only is Tour smart enough to work harder and adjust to your needs, it’s also easy on our environment.

Winner of the 2007 NeoCon Silver Award.

Fast flexibility supports how you want to work now and in the future. The clean look of Tour and its slide-able, flip-able, rotate-able storage allows it to change with the needs of how you really work.


Tour works with your surroundings and doesn’t compete with any of the components. The clean look of Tour lets your personality and brand shine through. A sweet look at a great price.


Tour’s lifespan is designed to have as little impact on the earth as possible. With level™ 1 CertificationSCS Indoor Air Quality Gold Certification and an environmentally-friendly walnut version that is also PVC-free, it’s clear to see Tour strives to better not only your workplace, but the world around you.

View Tour’s Product Environmental Profile.