U-Free Overview

U-Free is a flexible, durable and smart freestanding system built from Universal components.


A perfect fit
U-Free gives you the freedom to create exactly what you need, drawing from our most comprehensive and versatile product family.    

  • A wide variety of Universal Worksurface shapes can be configured many ways for different user orientations and different types of work.  
  • The full range of Universal Storage products can be integrated into a U-Free setting, so you can create the ideal mix of open and closed storage.  
  • U-Free’s unique corner shelves reclaim wasted space below the worksurface, providing a new alternative to “building up” when you need to save room.  
  • Universal Tables are the perfect complement to U-Free desks when you’re creating an adjacent conference area
  • To get a glimpse of the possibilities, check out our U-Free planning ideas  

Enduringly attractive

  • U-Free presents a clean, unadorned, well-executed design sensibility that will withstand the test of time, while high-quality materials and construction ensure that your desks will endure just as long!   
  • U-Free uses the same worksurfaces and storage products as our Answer and Montage panel systems, providing a seamless aesthetic from the open plan to the private office.  
  • Durable steel U-Free desks can be outfitted with wood veneer and glass accents for a great-looking space at a great price.  
  • High-pressure laminate worksurfaces are available with solid color or woodgrain patterned edges.  

A smart investment

  • U-Free is designed to be easy to work with as your needs change.  
  • Non-handed components make specification and reconfiguration easy.  
  • Non-dedicated components are designed for re-use – worksurfaces, pedestals and even overhead storage bins can easily be converted from desks to panel-mounted or wall-mounted applications and back again.  
  • U-Free modesty panels are optional, allowing easy access to wall outlets below desks, and can be quickly added or removed when reconfiguring.  Half-height and full-height panels are available.


Environmental Story


  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Indoor Air Quality Gold Certified. The program tests and certifies products for compliance with USGBC LEED EQ4.5 (furniture and seating).