Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles on demand.

Verb tables are specifically designed to support different learning modes and encourage easy shifts between lecture, discussion, and project work. Unique shapes promote interaction, while a variety of sizes allow Verb to work in any classroom.

Benefits & features

  • Chevron shaped table improves sight lines, encourages collaboration and helps define personal work area—even in lecture mode
  • The team table is designed for group work that requires interaction and collaboration, while maintaining personal work space
  • Side hooks hold whiteboards and backpacks, while the side dock becomes a platform for group collaboration
  • A center dock holds personal items, markers or other classroom supplies and turns whiteboards into privacy screens for test-taking
  • Leg shape allows students to pull up to the end of the table for collaboration without interference
  • Standard casters and light weight allows tables to easily shift between lecture, discussion and project work


  • Three table shapes: chevron, team and rectangle
  • Side hooks, dock and center dock
  • Height-adjustable post legs or glides
  • Modesty panel for increased privacy