Verb Whiteboard


Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles on demand.

The Verb whiteboard is the foundation for collaboration, display and presentation in the classroom. It is designed to be small enough for personal use but large enough to share and work with a team, making collaboration more natural. When it’s test time, place a Verb whiteboard in a student table dock to provide privacy. Small and light enough for active learning, built tough to last.

Benefits & features

  • Double-sided boards sized for personal use
  • A marker board, magnet board, and display board—all in one
  • Made from e3 ceramicsteel™ for years of classroom durability, preventing ghosting, scratching and denting
  • Display on student table, easel, wall track and chalk tray
  • Fits into center dock on student tables to provide privacy for tests
  • Lifetime warranty on the writing surface