Improving student success with active learning solutions.

DealerWeb and Steelcase are dedicated to offering active learning solutions that provide students and instructors the tools they need to succeed. We have a passion for understanding how learning takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help. Spaces that help students connect, get inspired and achieve deeper learning. Solutions that help educators and institutions achieve better results.

Educators prepare students for their future, but it’s often difficult to imagine what the future will be like in a world of constant change. In fact, the future suggests that preparations must be made for jobs not yet created. The changes converging on campus are extraordinary.

Supporting Change on Campus

There’s a new generation of students, Gen Y, with different experiences and expectations than their boomer parents. They’re savvy and comfortable with technology, and typically carry an array of technology with them. They’re also demanding of their education, being fully aware of the global economy and the competition it represents.
Rapidly changing technology continually offers new approaches to learning and instruction. From digitized content to interactive technologies, education often defines the cutting-edge use of technology. At the same time, multiple pedagogies are being employed at every level of education. Many educators are embracing a more active and immersive style of instruction, engaging with students, leveraging technology and exploring more and varied educational strategies.

These changes present a challenge to successfully teaching 21st century skills in inadequate facilities. With enrollments on the rise and budgets holding steady or declining, it’s more important than ever to make every space an active learning space. Properly designed and furnished, every space can take advantage of the opportunities represented by continual change.

Our Solutions

The solutions that DealerWeb and Steelcase provide are designed to support the dynamic needs of today’s students and instructors. They are flexible, mobile and designed to support active learning, whether it occurs in a classroom, computer lab, library, café or faculty office. We are committed to providing insight-led solutions that bring active learning to life on campus.

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