My design/styling motto is “if you don’t like it, then change it” so when it comes to a workspace that is less than amazing, I’m all ready for change. The biggest issue some people/clients have is budget. These days a lot of people are on a really right budget but they still want to have that amazing and awesome office space. What can you do? Edit your office furniture.

As I said earlier, if you don’t like something about your office or a piece of furniture, then make a change. Here are 5 things you can buy to “edit your office furniture.”

1. Overlays

I had to list this one first because it’s my absolute favorite. You can purchase overalys for your file cabinet, desk, bookshelf’s, doors or anything else you can think of that you want to edit/update. You can even spray paint them yourself and purchasing the overlay is easy and inexpensive.

2. Stylish Contact Paper

Contact paper can be a used for a number of projects but one of my favorites is recovering your boring file cabinet. We all know what an eye sore file cabinets can be but covering them in decorative contact paper is an easy edit/update to an otherwise plain piece.

3. New Legs/Pegs for your Furniture

I was completely giddy when I found a company that makes Pegs for otherwise lame couches, tables, beds etc. Another easy and fun way to up pieces of your office space.

4. Panels by Panyl

If you’ve ever wanted to cover your cabinet doors, update a bookshelf or any other piece of furniture, Panyl carries these colorful and fun panels that do the trick. I love that you can easily update a bookshelf or that cabinet you’re probably tired of.

5. Hardware

New door knobs, drawer pulls and other knobs can instantly update any office space/ room. Even a cubicle with new and colorful knobs can change the way a space looks.

Would you “edit” any of your office furniture or would you rather just buy new pieces? Let us know in the comments below! 

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