Every company has the potential to integrate sustainability into their work lives.  

Being environmentally responsible is possible for companies of all sizes, and from different industries. Greenbiz provides resources and insights for individuals and groups that believe sustainability is a valuable part of their profession.

Greenbiz offers assistance for people looking for further information about sustainability news, issues, and knowledge through their brands: GreenBiz.com, GreenBiz Events, GreenBiz Intelligence, and GreenBiz Connects. Between education, community support, and a plethora of information, Greenbiz is a valuable ally in the sustainability movement.

Located in San Francisco, Greenbiz is a company that is all about Peer-to Peer sustainability, and it is no surprise that they strive for a collaborative office.

The workspace reflects their brand and culture. It is simple, clean, clear…and allows for personality to shine through. Greenbiz practices what they preach, and maintains an environmentally friendly office. They chose Turnstone furniture because it is a sustainable product and very adjustable. They have around 20 or so employees, with the ability to reconfigure the workspace for 40.

The open office and flexible furniture from Turnstone creates an environment that employees actually like working in.

Check out the video and more photos of the Greenbiz office!

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