At Interaction Associates, their mission is simple. They build collaborative cultures for clients that need a boost in a different kind of ROI: Return On Involvement. Their business is working with clients to improve an important business investment – the men and women that put in the time and effort to make a company successful.

When they decided to furnish the Interaction Associates office, they chose turnstone to “create a space that’s a living representation of our business”. The office reinforces the company mission. No one is locked in a cage, and instead there are pockets of collaborative team areas that allow for flexibility and creativity.

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As advocates for the Campfire Collection, they created set-ups to easily connect in a less formal way, and in a relaxed format. It is easy to sit down around a paper table, have an easy flowing conversation, and take ideas with you.

Check out how they use their space and learn more on their customer story page!

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