It was big news when Facebook, the world's largest social network went public last year. With it, many holders of Facebook stock became instant millionaires based on the value of their holdings. Though not all of these people were employees or investors as you might imagine.

Enter Artist David Choe – a very talented artist whom Mark Zuckerburg hired to create some wall art for Facebook's sprawling Palo Alto offices.  I first became aware of him in mid-2007 when I posted about great wall art throughout Facebook's Palo Alto offices. 

The art was one of my first posts on Office Snapshots, which I decided to run because I couldn't find any actual photos of their office space at the time. Though the post was moderately popular and it all but fell from my memory.

Several years and many more blog posts later, I've written about art and other non-standard wall-treatments in offices on several occasions. It can really help make a statement in your office:

Then comes the news barrage regarding all things Facebook as they are about to go public – as well as immediately afterward – and I run across the following clip on ABC news:

Wow! And while it was just about impossible to know that taking payment via stock rather than dollars would have netted him $200 Million – it is still very impressive. And while he is obviously still very wealthy (even with the current valuation of FB's stock), he continues to create art both for Facebook at their latest campus and for others.

And finally, here's the office art that made David Choe $200M:






Images taken by Outer Edge Studio via OfficeSnapshots

Want great art in your office but can't afford to pay $200M?

Consider the following office wall art to add some personality:



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