As a writer there's a certain environment I need in order to zone in and get to work. Married to an entrepreneur, I also know there's a zone for getting things done that is priceless, so how do you go about creating the space to ensure you're time is used at it's full potential.

Better work flow: get organized

Things to consider


Do you work better with natural light streaming in a window? Over head? Are you one of those creatives who always has their moment of brilliance during a thunderstorm? Discover what works best for you and try your hardest to recreate the effects in your work zone.

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Is it better to flow off the energy of folks around you? Are you more productive with coworkers in your line of sight? Would you prefer to conquer your list of things to do or that big project in solitude? I definitely work better in a quiet zone, alone; but there are definitely days that I benefit from collaborative spaces. Oftentimes a different environment will help you get past the stopgap keeping you from your productivity. Know what works best but don't be afraid to switch it up once in a while.

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Getting into a zone, whether you prefer quiet or noise can often be accomplished with background music. Something quietly playing in the background keeps your brain active and brain waves equal the ability to be productive. Depending on my writing assignment, I have different playlists for my zones. When I'm working on my book or the weather is cloudy (moody, in a sense) I often listen to jazz or heartbreak music. It works every time.

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Most people would argue that working in an organized environment is better than zoning in among chaos. I agree, but some times the zone has nothing to do with the setting and everything to do with the juices that may be flowing. In a coffee shop without your computer but all of a sudden brilliance strikes, grab that napkin or the notebook in your bag and get to work. If nothing else, outline the highlights so when you do return to your work-zone you can recreate the thought patterns to get you going. I zone in after a long drive listening to music. That might mean that at the end of a road I park my car and get to work, pen to paper.

My favorite symphony.

Some professionals have a ritual to get them into the zone before a meeting or tackling project emails, quotes or details. Making a list, getting through the inbox first, a cup of coffee.

Where's your zone?

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