We all want to save a little money, especially in a small business where funding is a concern. You don't have to pinch pennies for the things you need, like computers and important software. But there are things you can save tons on money on. For example, your lunch. 

Going out to eat everyday adds up. If you buy a sandwich with chips and drink, you are looking at $10. That ten bucks turns into 50 big ones per week. Just for lunch at work.

Rather than splurge on a greasy slimy chicken sandwich at a crappy deli, why not put that money to good use, and get some essentials for the office kitchen?

Lunch at the office is a chance for community, and to sit down with coworkers. It can be tempting to run off and grab something quickly to eat at your desk. But it is important to use lunchtime as an opportunity to connect with something other than a computer monitor.

By providing some essentials for your great lunch area, it will be easier to connect with your fellow man, and be able to save some money by skipping the overpriced sandwich line.

Here are some tools to get you started: 

A Place to Sit and Mingle

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A great lunch area is essential to pull people away from their desks. Get a little creative, and design a space that people will actually want to be in.Lunch is the perfect opportunity to bond with your coworkers and get to know someone you don't know very well.

An office kitchen should have the essential space elements to build upon. Things like cabinets and storage, plenty of seating, and a table. Building a great kitchen environment should come before you start buying all of the stuff that goes into it. You should encourage people to leave their computer monitors and spend time face to face with people in the break area. 

Coffee maker

This should go without saying, but many offices thrive on having coffee available. Not all office coffee is terrible, and there are great options for different types of coffee makers. The traditional basket coffee makers are a huge money saver and they bring people together. The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker makes delicious coffee quickly with no plugs. It's similar to a french press, but for one person. 

Plates, utensils, etc

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You don’t need fine china and silver plated spoons…hit up the sales at Target or B cubed (Bed Bath and Beyond) and you’ll find amazing deals. Buying paper plates and plastic silverware is tempting because you won’t have to clean anything, but it is wasteful and unsustainable. Buy some Method cleaners and call it a day.

To customize: Buy some chalkboard paint so you can write your name on your mug to claim your drink. Here are some fun ways to DIY customize your mug 

Snacks and Drinks

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A package of soda, and some individualized crackers is a good standard for an office snack. Ask employees to contribute ideas, or take turns bringing in their favorites. If your office is health conscious, tailor the food around preferences. Don't forget to ask if someone has special dietary needs: vegetarian/vegan, lactose intolerant, allergies, and so on. 

A good healthy snack, such as nuts or fruit, is a better option for you. If you load up your body with candy bars, you will have a sugar crash. That's not ideal for a busy work schedule. Eat well!

How do you lunch at your office? Is it a community affair? What is your standard for lunch food? Share your experiences! 

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