There’s nothing more boring than walking through or working at an office with the same old, boring “motivational” wall art. Not only are the typically posters or prints you see not aesthetically pleasing, but they don’t properly represent the companies either. The minute someone enters my office for instance, they notice that every part of my brand is represented nicely.

What you’re used to seeing:









What you SHOULD see:


Getting prints made like the ones you see above is super easy. Both prints you see above were made using CanvasPop. It’s a really cool site that lets you create a canvas out of pretty much anything , including really great cool word clouds from

Want to create not so corporate wall art for your office? Here’s what you do:

1. Go to Wordle.net2. Create a word cloud using different words and choosing colors and fonts you like
3. Save your Wordle to your desktop
4. Upload to Canvaspop
5. Order and eagerly wait for your new prints.




Other ideas for custom wall prints:

  • Photos from company gatherings, trips and get-togethers: remembering fun trips only adds to the reasons why you love working for the company.
  • Re-prints of press or awards received: great reminders of all the hard work you’ve put in and what you’ve received. Press mentions and awards should always be visible, no matter how large or small the office is.
  • Reminders, quotes and other things you want everyone, including your customers, to know. A great example:

  • Honest words that you or your company embody or live by. One great example is the Holstee Manifesto:

Already have cool art in your workspace? Let me know in the comments below!

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