I am sure you've heard of Redbox, the company who created the little kiosk at your local convenience store and has revolutionized the video rental industry. They have even built the ecosystem around the box allowing you to see inventory and reserve via your phone – pretty slick, right?

I had the opportunity to visit their offices just outside of Chicago and they have done an outstanding job of reflecting their business and brand in their office design – it feels like a movie theater when you walk in (minus the smell of popcorn). 

Here is a sneak peek into what they have inside!

Redbox has a really sleek design and has branded their space with just the right amount of red. 

This is where the magic happens – the testing of multitudes of Redbox kiosks. 

The hospitality space is very inviting and free beverages all day long. I love the greenery they've chosen for the wall as well as their commitment to recycling through the many bins available for waste. 

There are mini game rooms throughout the space for employees to stop and take a break at any time. It makes the office much more fun.

Even in the dedicated space they have for working, there are hints of their office culture with basketball hoops, lounge chairs, and movie posters peppered through the space. 

They're not afraid to celebrate either – here is the 10,000th Redbox Kiosk right at the front of their space.

Redbox has done a fantastic job sprinkling their brand and culture throughout their space. What do you think?

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