Before I go into a rant about how amazing this product is, please watch the video first. It will show how Leap Motion works.


As technology grows and improves, the way we interact with our computers changes. The huge surge of the smart phone market and tablet industry has given us the opportunity to explore 3D technology. Because of products like Leap Motion, 3D and interactive technology is not a sci-fi concept anymore.

The Leap Motion is a small USB device (about the size of an iPod) that transforms your computer or laptop into a 3D virtual space. Within 8 cubic feet of interaction space, your individual finger movements are picked up with an accuracy down to 1/100th of a millimeter. 

All you do for setup: plug-in, download the software, do a hand-wave calibration, and done.


When the founders David Holz and Michael Buckwald grew frustrated with 3D modeling technology, they knew there needed to be an easier way to work with a computer. From the LeapMotion FAQ: “Molding virtual clay with a computer should be as easy as molding clay in the real world. The mouse and keyboard were simply getting in the way.”

This product seems like it would be all fun and games, right? Not exactly. This type of device could be a benefit for your business. Put it at the end of a Campfire Big Table so your team can gather together and collaborate using Leap. With a wave of your hands and not your mouse, you can show information in a highly interactive way. This is bound to impress clients as well.

Many different types of people can benefit from this type of product. Doctors can explore 3D medical data without taking off their gloves. Creatives can use the stylus or use their hands to design artwork without being restricted to mouse clicks. Gamers can play more easily with Leap in mind. Anyone can use it, there is familiarity from Windows and Apple gestures, such as pinch and zoom, scrolling, grabbing, and clicking.

This product seems too good to be true. But you want to know the best part? It is priced at $69.99. You can pre-order this product (set to ship in early 2013).

James Bond, Chief John Anderton, and Tony Stark would approve. And they might be a bit jealous.

What technology have you found to eliminate your keyboard & mouse?

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