Based in Chicago, IL, I had a chance to visit the FLOR headquarters as part of Chicago Ideas Week. If you've never heard of floor, they make some pretty awesome carpet tiles. These aren't the ugly grey tiles you may see at the airport, but vibrantly colored and made of really cool material. We often recommend FLOR in conjunction with turnstone furniture as well.

They have their logo in large letters to greet visitors and employees as they enter. 

Their workspace is very open, allowing for a lot of collaboration. They are organized into departments by function but have a few private offices and conference rooms that have been very personalized. I love how each office has it's own vibe, this one gearing towards a home office look. 

Of course, FLOR tiles are all over the place. It makes the office look vibrant and adds awesome pops of color. 

All of the FLOR catalogs have images from people's homes, making it very real and personal. In deciding on the FLOR to put in the homes, they use inspiration boards to compare photos. 

What I loved most about their space was the balance that it had – the right amount of open to closed space and the right amount of color added to create an environment of productivity and creativity.

What do you like most about their space?

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