Having a balanced lifestyle is a foundation that helps you thrive in all aspects of your life. With a more balanced work vs. life lifestyle you can increase your productivity all around your daily activities. Being unbalanced can negatively affect your relationships at home and at work. We thought we would take the time to share some statistics, and share the importance of the need to become more productive in balancing your life outside, and inside of work.

Understanding and comparing the following statistics can help you do an internal stress check on yourself. If you find yourself on the negative end of the scale, there are some great tips at the bottom that are simple ways to help you get to your "happy place." If you find yourself already in your "happy place" share this Infographic with those who are still on the journey!

So, take a moment to see what one type of balanced lifestyle could look like; reduce your stress, increase your productivity.  Your life deserves a well rounded vision of wellness.

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