Organize Your Office… 5 Minutes at a Time

It's a common misconception that any amount of organization must take lots and lots of time and energy. However, that's…

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Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur?

Image via inc.com Anyone can start their own company. But not everyone will succeed. The people that are cut out to…

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Are you an Introvert or Extrovert at Work? Does it Matter?

Introversion and extroversion are terms that have been linked to workplace productivity.  I never really paid attention about "categorizing" my…

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3 Simple Steps to Clean and Declutter Your Office

There are usually 3 times every year when I like to clean every surface in my office. Those 3 times…

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Must-Haves for an Office Kitchen

We all want to save a little money, especially in a small business where funding is a concern. You don't…

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When Culture Fails

When company culture fails, how do you fix it? Can it recover with new hires, change of attitudes and/or morale,…

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Getting and Staying Organized in the New Year

The holidays are over and that means it's almost the New Year! While some people are making resolutions to lose…

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Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Image source Whether you are a small mom and pop business, or a leader of a huge global corporation, mistakes…

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David Choe and the Office Wall Art That Made Him $200 Million

It was big news when Facebook, the world's largest social network went public last year. With it, many holders of…

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Selecting the Right Chairs for Your Office

Chair selection is one of the many tasks a design team has to accomplish. It is selecting the right chair…

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